Deviated Retro

I got the chance to work and collaborate with Jessie Jeng Navarro of Vortex Models and Chixdelarosa. In this photoshoot we came up with a Retro theme for our models clothes in which we chose future diner for our location. One thing in mind that I sense is important to any photoshoot is always the …


I rejected the idea of what society and authority has brought to me. If you tell me who I am suppose to be & I'll tell you who I'm meant to be. I was being neglected by reality telling me to dispose my dreams and goals but I had the constant reminder that reality consist …


  We've been instilled with self doubt, judged with a closed mind, & controlled without us knowing. But you can trust yourself, you're the only you. You are the captain of your fate & with your heart, spirit, & mind connected as a map, you can obtain your goals and passionate desires.

Self reflection

Self reflect once and awhile, dont be afraid to re-evaluate yourself.. Once you have that hunger to improve you'll be unstoppable

Itogon Adventures

Well from exploring slightly from my last adventure in Itogon Benguet, I decided to explore a little more with my friends. Usually when we explore we really go to destinations we are curious about. In this case we go to a bridge, lake, and somewhat an unfinished dam. After enjoying the bridge we decided to …