I was inspired to make this post by the amazing photographer/blogger/artist/entrepreneur David Talley. Last year was one of my biggest downfalls in my own confidence, creative process, and socializing. I lost my friends over personal arguments for around 8 months. Growing up I always threw people away like leftovers from a fast food restaurant because …

Bird’s Eye Baguio

Kept this for awhile as a personal project of mine. As time came by I decied to release it for my fellow Cordillerians and other individuals that wants to feel what I feel when living in Baguio. Enjoy! 

Artful Mount Costa

      Mount Costa Loc: La Trinidad Benguet Fee: 310 (250 for students) for rainy season 150 Mount Costa is art, I recommend this place for anybody who wants some peace and tranquility from escaping the busy streets. Sadly since it was rainy season there wasn't that much flowers, but I'm willing to return …

Golden Ma-Cho Temple

  Ma-Cho Temple Loc: San Fernando, La Union Upon visiting this place, it was quite peaceful. Surrounded by nature and saturated color has made me feel at peace. With no enterance fees I do recommend visiting this place just because of the Chinese vibe it gave.  


Negative three seventy-five My senses are great but I wish my eyesight is alive I want to correct my vision to perceive of what I want to believe in Correct the cornea for my hallucinations Once the euphoria hits I'll be making strategically calculations I need that vision to escape life's collision but once I …