I was inspired to make this post by the amazing photographer/blogger/artist/entrepreneur David Talley. Last year was one of my biggest downfalls in my own confidence, creative process, and socializing. I lost my friends over personal arguments for around 8 months. Growing up I always threw people away like leftovers from a fast food restaurant because …

Paoay Sand Dunes

By this time it was a three day weekend and due to the many Philippine holidays my family had the chance to visit me and since I just got done with my pinning ceremony for my university they treated me to travel with them to Ilocos Norte to have some fun. A scenery that I …


I rejected the idea of what society and authority has brought to me. If you tell me who I am suppose to be & I'll tell you who I'm meant to be. I was being neglected by reality telling me to dispose my dreams and goals but I had the constant reminder that reality consist …


  We've been instilled with self doubt, judged with a closed mind, & controlled without us knowing. But you can trust yourself, you're the only you. You are the captain of your fate & with your heart, spirit, & mind connected as a map, you can obtain your goals and passionate desires.


I pursue the word passsion this obscure for the love of an action I concentrate on the movement creativity live among the soothement of relativity