We've been instilled with self doubt, judged with a closed mind, & controlled without us knowing. But you can trust yourself, you're the only you. You are the captain of your fate & with your heart, spirit, & mind connected as a map, you can obtain your goals and passionate desires.

Vigan Trip

Vigan has some history behind it, since it has been colonized by the Spaniards years ago the architecture of the famous cobble road has its taste of Spanish design. We decided to ride the famous Kalesa and site see several things. This was just was a 1 day trip with somebody special, my dad, and …


Negative three seventy-five My senses are great but I wish my eyesight is alive I want to correct my vision to perceive of what I want to believe in Correct the cornea for my hallucinations Once the euphoria hits I'll be making strategically calculations I need that vision to escape life's collision but once I …


My life has been recently hazey Going through ups and downs lately But I embrace it Life's absurdity has been giving me grace Its crazy, how people think life is just a race I tamed myself to slow down Focused on the now and appreciated every sound Because the present is beautiful, set it as …


I pursue the word passsion this obscure for the love of an action I concentrate on the movement creativity live among the soothement of relativity      

Self reflection

Self reflect once and awhile, dont be afraid to re-evaluate yourself.. Once you have that hunger to improve you'll be unstoppable