The American Lie

The American dream seems to be everybody’s goal in life. Having the latest new phone, car, shoe, and clothing is what everybody’s aim for to be happy. What if I told you that the American dream was a lie? With all the money in the world you can never be in the state of pure happiness, I can tell you that this is certain by the recent news of celebrities and CEOs committing suicide and I find it sad because with all the money they have earned depression is always lurking around the corner. As I was scrolling through Facebook the other day, I was bombarded with pictures of several of my old high school friends showing off their new shoes, gadgets, etc. Knowing them in real life though they aren’t happy living with their parent’s and their 9-5 jobs. I kindly messaged some of them just to catch up, I had a great conversation with them regarding life. One of the most important questions I asked was “What’s your plan in life?” and majority of the answers were “I do not know what to do with my life” I couldn’t blame them because the system is broken, we were inputted with a belief that after college we begin our self living in contentment. Sadly only 30% of high school graduates actually get to go through college and graduate.

It’s sad though to see people compensate the lack of being successful by acquiring items to make them feel successful. All I can say is do NOT be part of that crowd, you will be eventually stuck in believing a false truth. For example, back in high school I used to get paid a plenty amount of money for being the ride of four of my friends picking and dropping off them to class everyday. About every month I would have a total of $210-$250, of course this isn’t as much but for a high school adolescent but in my teenage eyes of course thought I was swimming in cash. With the money I have gained I would only spent it on unnecessary items like shoes and clothes just so I can majority of the time impress others. I never tried to think about investing it in something that might deem important towards a future goal, till this day I regret my decisions. To carry this mindset to your adult years is toxic because one realization we should all have is that one day having all these luxurious items are not the source of happiness and seeking appreciation from others is a waste of time.

If we shouldn’t invest in items, what should we invest in? The answer is quite clear; invest in time, invest in experience, and invest on variables that maybe lead you towards your goal. A research conducted by San Francisco State University led by  Professor Ryan Howell have concluded that people who seem to spend on new experiences are deemed more happy than those who spend on items. So create that long term goal, love the journey, meet new people, and explore beyond your comfort zone.



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