The Mask

I was once asked “How would you describe yourself?” Well in all my honestly describing yourself is quite vague. A philosophy professor once said “The hardest individual to judge is yourself” this statement sent me into a chain of self reflection and it came to a conclusion that it is quite hard because we all have a different version of ourselves in each and everybody’s mind and plus we are quite biased unto us because we are trying to keep the social image version of ourselves clean. Within this version we build a mask , a mask in which we impress others, a mask in which we provide contentment within ourselves, a mask in which we are afraid to take off because of being judged.
 I myself used to love the mask but it became addictive. Once it becomes a habit to put on, reality becomes fabricated and the only version of you that everybody knows is not the real you. This mask was carried out through my high school years, this was normal for adolescents because in reference of Erikson’s Psychosocial Development Theory its either we knew what our identity was or we were confused of our life role and fitting in was probably something we turn back to when feeling lonely. This mindset is a killer because trying to be someone you are not makes you more lost, a journey you are pursuing with bad directions will end you up in confusion. 
As an artist the mask is dangerous because in the competition of creators the people who are in the lead are the ones who can express themselves the most, therefore the mask limits us on who we really are and how we express ourselves. You can read many articles on how many individuals chose the wrong decisions because of their inability to really know what their role is within. I can say I also made these decisions when my mindset was towards the idea of being successful through money instead of success through inspiration and expression. 
In conclusion, don’t put on that mask and don’t be afraid to express yourself. Being true to yourself may be hard but through time and integrity shall we really know our path with purpose and sense of wellbeing.

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