A waste of time.

I grew up testing myself in different crowds always trying to find out who I am as a person. Questions would always spit out of my head like; “Where am I suppose to go?” Or “Where do I belong to?” I remember putting myself in a group of friends back in high school who were known as the popular kids or the trendy people. They were quite approachable but 90% of their topics were about people, rumors , first world problems. I grew an addiction into gossiping probably just because I was a wallflower not knowing exactly who, what, when, where, and why was happening.

Until I realize that I was on an ocean sailing to no where, the boundaries that kept screaming at me to break it was never to be cracked because of the insufficient “walking the talk” I did. All the gossiping, all the non stop complaining, and all the hate was a waste of time. The eye opener was that “hate” is a waste of time. I realize that I don’t hate certain individuals I just disliked some of their attributes, I don’t hate first world problems I just disliked how I carried them out, I don’t hate people I just dislike the small things. Instead of all the back talking we do as a society we should put more time into political thinking and other ways that make us productive.

I realize when criticizing something you have to take a holistic approach and see it as a whole. For example I’m usually the guy who gets along with an individual that everybody hates. I don’t look at people and judge them by what’s the only bad in them. I look at both sides and realize that we all have bad attributes and also good ones. Therefore we’re never pure good nor pure bad (but take note some attributes do out weigh the other).

It takes mastery in love and forgiveness to really accept things as it is and provide peace to yourself. Even when it comes to gossip , it must be forgiven because either way we’re all being judged and there is no way escaping that inclusive fact.

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