Tips for Foreigners Planning to Study in the Philippines.

So if you had no clue yet, I’ve been living/ studying in the Philippines for 3 years now as a Filipino American whohas lived majority of his life in the states. From my experience living here so far I’ve learned many lessons and went through different experiences. Here I want to give you tips to anybody who is planning to study or live here in the Philippines. 

Tip #1 Different folks different strokes

My first year studying here in the Philippines was such a hassle, not only was I living independently for the first time but I was also experiencing culture shock in massive forms. I had to reset my ettiques because everything was quite new like the attitudes of the people, the different lifestyles of the culture, and just overall how the system works. So what I’m saying is open your heart to the culture here learn it, live it, breathe it, and most impostantly accept it. Adapting here in the Philippines was quite difficult just because I refused how things worked here especially since the education is quite different. So from my stand point dont be ethnocentric and understand the rationale on why things go here. 

Tip # 2 Language
I can’t stress this enough, but learn the language. From my years being here I used to procrastinate learning the language and I cannot say how many times I’ve been taken advantage of. When it comes to some Filipinos they tend to look at English foreigners as cash centeral, I’ve had my deals of being tricked into paying much more just to Filipino sellers. Learning the language will help you get out of those situations. Not only will it help you get out of scams but it’ll also help you get around things more when it comes to directions since Filipinos aren’t so fluent in English.

Tip #3 Self disclipline
I mention in one of my other tips that the education is quite different in the Philippines. Since the Philippines is a 3rd world country the citizens tend to say that because of the lack of discipline it contributes to corruption, crime, and overall the downfall of the culture. For this, expect instructors in the Philippine colleges and universities to be more on the discipline side of teaching. I recommend to build your own self discipline just so you won’t have trouble with the piled up assignments, anxious requirements, and the strictness of instructors.

Tip # 4 Awareness over the people
Related to tip number 2, there will be times where people tend to give their attention to you just because of you being a person out of the country. With this there will be times where people want to take advantage of you just for money. Sobe careful  who you get close with, because there are moments experiencing this really will frustrating especially when being tricked into being friends is another way of you being the bank.

Tip #5 The stereotypical conclusion of the Philippines
“The Philippines is dangerous” 

“You can get mugged and killed there”

“Don’t walk around you can get into bad situations”
I grew up believing this when I heard these opinions from family members. All I can say that these statements are false to a specific standpoint. The Philippines isn’t as dangerous as what people say, I’ve walked through the night and during day, I’ve been to parties and such, and since I’m a photographer I love going through different streets and explore. What I’m trying to say is that it isnt overly exaggerated as some would say. So  dont be afraid to go outside and explore your area because it’s not as what it is stereotypically seams. I’m not saying its always a clean slate in every city but just make sure you’re with the right people, at the right place, and time (Just overall use common sense)

So overall I hope this helps you in everyway possible. If you need any further questions dont be afraid to ask me!

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