What motivates me

Since I’m a student nurse and 90% of our time is taken up by our academics I’ve been asked “What motivates you to do the things you do?!”  All I can say is that what motivates me is my refusal to live everyday the same day. Quite cliched huh? Well it’s an answer I take to heart just due to the fact that the average human life span is around 80 years, and within our whole lives we have a big playground, 7 billion people, and a million ways our lives could turn out to be. Crazy right? From living my 21 years of life I realize that in my own opinion the way to a happy life is through new experiences. I realize that I’m happy when living a life full of experiences because when I grow to those grandpa ages I want to be able to tell my grandchildren thrilling stories of my life and the lesson I learned rather than telling them how much I studied and went crazy just to be on the deans list (I have nothing against people who are willing to do that though). I also realize that through new experience you also grow character as a person because everywhere I go, every person I meet, I engage in their deep understanding of life and how I can reflect to it.


“Comfort is the enemy of progress”- P.T. Barnum

Ever since I took the route of chasing my passion, I realize that I kept video games out of my reach because every time I get addicted to a lounging around in a chair for hours just to complete a story nothing gets complete through my life.
From this I leaped through the lazy days and tried my hardest to keep myself on track towards progression. (There is sometimes I do though let my lazy side give in just because I do have the simple craving of resting)


If anybody is out there living tired of living the same day everyday I challenge you to do at least one thing out of your normal comfort zone because who  knows what you’ll get from it.

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