You’re Loved


When loneliness is struck. We are endured to the feeling of being unloved.

I want to let the individuals that are stuck in that deep void of darkness to know that you’re not alone. We’re all these broken pieces for a reason we are here to inspire others to let others know that you can push through them hard times and emit that light you were searching for. There’s a big reason to why I make these blog post. To inspire and to bring out people from the worst version of themselves. We’ve all been there and as a individual who’s been through much I want to let you know you’re loved.

I recently had a talk with a friend of mine, I asked him the question “You know what makes all artist connected?” He nodded and answered “That we all make beautiful and meaningful stuff?”. Even though that wasn’t the answer I was looking for I replied “We’ve all been through the most emotional times even through crisis just to find out art is our medium of expression to reflect upon our time of sadness.” He agreed with me because all of us really go through the obstacles life throws at us. If you think about it all the greatest artists today have been through the most painful journey just to get where they’re at. How did they get there? By reflecting what they feel through the most creative way and to inspire other individuals. That’s why I always tell people they are not alone because at the end we find sanction in the most unexpected places.

I want you to keep fighting

Fight over that obstacle, fight over that problem, fight and own what is getting in your way. You may be asking me why? Well because sadness is only temporary. The reason why it exist is because happiness exist, they’re like wheels needed to run life. They’re both the opposite but without one the other doesn’t exist. Therefore we must understand sadness to feel what happiness is. In continuation if you’re going through hard times keep fighting because at the end the happiness you will receive will be worth it.

Self love

Self love is the best love.  I know that sounds cliché but love forms the confidence we have in ourselves. The idea of love is quite confusing but its something not to define but to experience and feel. This feeling gives an explosion of power.  Once you learn how to love yourself, you  become empowered to situations. All the noises of judgement, dogma, and pure negativity seems to drift like a feather on a lake. I emphasize this a lot because once love is understood it spreads like wild fire and that vibe seizes unto others and it becomes like a domino effect and once you feel it you know for sure what it is. So find ways to love yourself and you will transcend.

The end

This is the most important part, the end, because there shouldn’t be an end. For the person who is reading this right now, I want to let you know that you are worth it. The reason why you breath, the reason why your heart is beating, the reason why you live is because the universe or the supernatural has put you here for a reason and that reason is because you are meant to be worth it. The worth of the role your life will play will be important to you one day and it’ll be the reason why you tell yourself you’re worth it.  So remember that you’re not alone, nor are you worthless because you’re loved.



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