52 Week Photography Challenge: Week 1 Looking ahead

Since I’ve been a busy individual lately especially with school work piling up (hence the missing blog posts). I decided to take on a challenge to further enhance my creativity and to keep myself busy with my passion also.

Week 1: Looking ahead

It’s honestly been a crazy week due to my duty in the hospital (since I’m a student nurse). Also due to school I’ve been on a domino effect of laziness every single day. Procrastination and one of the 7 deadly sins, sloth, has been growing on me. I’m glad this challenge became the backbone of the bounce back to creativity. So onto talking about this week’s challenge, looking ahead, well when it overall comes to shooting I usually get lazy when it isn’t something I enjoy doing. This week I kept trying to force my inner self to shoot and even though I thought this challenge was going to be a bore,but I realize that it doesn’t matter about what you need to shoot but how creative can you get when achieving this.

Although I didn’t shoot as many pictures towards the theme I’m still quite content with my outcomes. But the next challenger here are something I expect for myself:

  •  Take more photos (of course lol)
  •  Find time to shoot
  •  Don’t be a sloth
  •  Get more creative


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