Humans, the great slaves of time.

Model: Dani Caparas of De Stijl

Been there before

It was the beginning of the year of 2017 where everybody would start their new year’s resolution full of confidence and energy. My goal was to put out as much content out there and engage with more creatives out there. As usual it went by good until things started piling up like school requirements, unplanned events, etc. I started going crazy with planning things to the point I would only look forward to things with anxiety and pressure, whenever I attended a shoot I never got to focus on the “now” of things due to me thinking about the next day’s requirements or the next month’s projects. With this it killed my actions of executing because my mind was either looking forward to the future or planning it.

“Most Humans are never fully present in the now, because unconsciously they believe that the next moment must be more important than this one. But then you miss your whole entire life, which is never not now.”- Eckhart Tolle

As humans we tend to be either stuck imagining different scenarios that can change the past or anxious about the future. Time does play an important role in our lives and it should always be thought as a precious measurement never to be wasted but the true king of time is the “now”. Let the past be because it already happened and let the future be mysterious because we can never truly predict it. With the now you are aware of yourself, the moment in the present, and the people around you. When I focus on the present everything hits me all at once and it helps me appreciate what is happening it gave me a source of gratitude. I was watching the sunset earlier last week with several of the most caring people in my life and to see my them and I vibing to some music and overall enjoying a good view while the sun cast a strong orange-purple hue on the city of Baguio made me realize how grateful I am with my life. The “now” became beautiful.

The now is beautiful

It came to the point in my life that focusing on the now helped me go through the struggles of my problems. I was able to be aware of my choices and told myself if “If I did this it will probably lead to this.” Unlike before my mind wouldn’t be there and I wouldn’t even know what is actually happening, I would probably just exclude my problems out my life or even forget that its there. This I realize it should always be important to dedicate yourself on the now.

Don’t get it mixed up

Yes, the now is important but don’t let it sink in all the time. It’s okay to actually think about the future here and there. Planning for the future is essential but expecting is probably what kills your focus on the now. I’ve been always planning for future events but my mind isn’t stuck on the outcomes because expecting really leads to disappointments if it the probability isn’t on your side. For example, its 1 day before Christmas and you’re expecting a expensive gift from your relatives. So anxiously you decided to skip all the Christmas parties and sleep unusually early so tomorrow you can wake up to what you expect. But the next morning you opened all your gifts with no expensive items to be found and you lie flat on your bed constantly disappointed wishing you could’ve went to the Christmas parties instead of waking up to a disappointment. Also it’s alright to thing about the past but don’t lingerie on it.


Even though the past or the future maybe tough remember to keep an eye on the now.

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