African Beauty

Meet Cynthia, a foreign student from Nigeria studying nursing in the Philippines. We had a culture themed shoot featuring exotic tiger print clothing in Bay Walk San Fernando, La Union. Cynthia is a model from Vortex Models, La Union branch she came here to the Philippines 3 years ago to become a future nurse in the medical field.

“I want to explore new experiences”

she replied when I asked her about why she chose the Philippines as her main target for her education. She enjoys it here as she explores a different culture and meets different people.


“A strong woman isn’t she who doesnt cry, it’s she who doesn’t let her tears hold her back”

“When dark moments come by, don’t stand waiting for a light, be the light”

“In the jungle the only friend is your strength”

“Speaking about lion attitude, you need power, courage, and a silent steady move”

“The first time I tasted greatness, I know this is a feeling I’ve got to hold on to”

i may not have the loudest voice, but the consistency won’t fade”

“Far from fame, I want success, let fame find me”

“Sometimes we don’t have to fight to get everything”

“Freedom shouldn’t be a fight but here we are fighting for freedom”

“Don’t make the mistake of sitting and waiting for people to discover you, only you can find you”

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