The colors of a sunset

The colors of a sunset gets me incredibly mesmorized. Glancing at one has gotten me in a trance. Everytime I watch one set down, I visualize myself in a ending of a movie and I as I see the orange touch the horizon of the Earth and when the darkness devours all the light I deliberately think of the whole entire day adding the moments that has made a day complete.

   I usually find my appetite high when I see these things because I start thinking prudently about tomorrow and seeking what I want for my future, but of course excluding the act of expectancy. Well from thinking on and off during a sunset sounds like a clichéd movie but thats the decorum of life. I honestly never had an eye to look at sunsets when I was little because I was busy fidgeting with buttons on my gameboy, but as I get more curious in life and continue exploring/traveling I find myself in tranquility when seeing a sunset. I’m greatful to pronounce myself alive while watching this sunset and I hope to experience more in the future.

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