What is love?

I was asked this question multiple times throughout my life and the answer is always changing. So now I want to share my own personal opinion about this topic. “What is love?” Well honestly there is no exact definition, and I honestly believe there should not be any exact definition on the word love. Why? You may ask, well definitions are just frameworks for words to be limited to that understanding. In my own belief love is limitless therefore it doesnt need to have a definition to be limited.

       From culture to culture, I can say society has put love in a box and concentrated love to only two individuals. Remember when I said love is limitless? Well if thats the case the dogma of love being between two people is absolutely closed minded. Love is universal, it is never to be put in a box to only be limited to its frameworks. Therefore the expression of love should be expressed everywhere through friends, family, actions, words, art, passion, etc. From this idea of love it can create boundless friendships, rapport between two strangers, and endless imagination. 

   “If love is all positive then why do I have negative experience from it?” Well people confuse love with its own contender, lust. Lust makes us desire, turns a need to a want, gets us greedy, etc. As much as us humans have variables we cant control lust is something that stops us and we have to differeciate the two words. If we differenciate the two words usually this creates fear, the opposite of love, thats why you hear the statement “I’m afraid to love again.”  Once you understand love it can devour fear if the motivation is right. 

As clichèd as it is love does really make the world go around and the dogma of society shouldnt be put the word love in a box but instead expressed universally and freely because love is boundless.

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