Capas Tarlac Adventures

Well the Beginning of this adventure started off terrible because when we arrived to Tarlac our main goal was to hike the infamous Mount Pinatubo. But to our bad luck and timing we didnt arrive early enough to hop on a 4×4 and begin our adventure. I would like to say it was my fault for not doing enough research to deduce my conclusion to arrive at the area really  early. So once my family arrived at the area it was 11:00 am when we’re suppose to be there at 6:00 am. So instead of being dissapointed on our suppose to be adventure Alondra and I decided to try out our adventure with an atv to Tambon Lake.

We were introduced to our tour guide with 2 atvs to ride on. As we drove to the lake we started our journey on a water trail. We were warned that being exposed to water is mostly likely to happen. There was no other option than to drive through the water itself, I wouldnt conclude it was dirty water but it was muddy in its proportion. It took us an hour to get to the lake. Through the obstacles of water, mud, and the scorching sun’s rays I found it to be quite fun and entertaining to see the beautiful environment surrounding around us. 

Driving across the trails had such an impact on how I looked upon the Philippines, because around the trails is also nearby villages and farmers that made me wonder how do they commute in this type of condition. I even had a glimpse on some nearby village children playing around the river. My curiosity hit me wondering that if I didnt have technology would I also be spending more time outside the urban areas?

Once we reached the lake, the blue waters welcomed us with fishermen and kids in the area. It was a pleasant experience to see villagers having fun in the water also. We took about 30 minutes just enjoying the scenery around us.

Once we finished our site seeing at lake Tombon we had enough time to play around with our atvs. Overall this adventure was a exciting experience due to the thrilling atvs but I also learned a lesson to always do research before exploring or else you might end up dissapointed, but there’s always an initiative to have some fun.

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