Paoay Sand Dunes

By this time it was a three day weekend and due to the many Philippine holidays my family had the chance to visit me and since I just got done with my pinning ceremony for my university they treated me to travel with them to Ilocos Norte to have some fun.

A scenery that I always was so anticipating to visit is a desert, so of course our first stop was the Paoay Sand Dunes. 


Once we reached the area we had to madatory hire a driver and a jeep to glide across the sand smoothly without any complications. Sadly hiring here is expensive due to the abvious exposure of this tourist area. It cost about 2,500 pesos per hour for a ride, to convert it into US Dollars it would be around $50.

Once we hitched a ride, the trip was like a roller coaster. The jeep handled enough steep hills of sand to make us scream like monkeys, it was fun and exciting to see many hills to go through but in back we were standing up and holding on to the rails of the jeep in order to stabalize ourselves the bumpy roads.


We had several stops to enjoy the scenery. Gladly the dunes were right next to beach which kept the waves roaring and our hearts bold. We had several stop just to enjoy what we saw.

After another 30 minutes of site seeing with us inside the jeep, we had our final stop that made me take out my drone and actually capture the essence of the dunes. I was offered to go dune boarding but I decided not to because I didnt find it enjoyable.

When I first arrived here in the Philippines I honestly thought that Manila was just this country. But as I peaked through and seeped through my own roots I realize theres a whole world in this small island. I started apreciating the Philippines more as I explore and travel areas that I never expected. I honestly never knew there was a desert here in the Philippines but once I heard information about it, I knew for sure I had to get my own glimpse at it. And at last I get to see it with my own eyes and its beautiful, I hope I get to find many wonders here!

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