A Random Day To La Union

My good friend, Margaret and I decided to head to La Union one day due to a random day being unscheduled for school. Here’s our trip!

Our first stop was at the golden, Ma-Cho Temple. I’ve been here before and I honestly enjoy visiting this place due to its rich Chinese heritage and its clean area.


Our next stop was the lighthouse located in Poropoint. What made this place special to me was that it was quite at the middle of nowhere and sits right besides the shore line. It had this abandonment vibe since nobody was around and that the house right beside it was ancient.

My favorite part of La Union is its wavy sunset that always hits me, the beach is the way to go for any ocean lover. The colorful sunset will always have a place in my heart.

3 Replies to “A Random Day To La Union”

  1. wow, I’m going to Ph fo my winter holiday and Macho-Temple is on my list. Thank you for sharing but I have few questions 1. Is it near the highway? 2. Do they have entrance fee? 3. Is it worth it? Thank you 🙂


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