Catching the Sunrise- Mount Jumbo (Yangbew)

One morning Alondra and I decided to have a picnic while watching the sunrise. We woke up around 1:30 in the morning to prepare some food, we were exhausted waking up but at the same time excited because we always enjoyed the tones and saturation of either the sunset or the sunrise. At 3:30 am we took a taxi to the enterance of the trail and started hiking from there. The journey through the muddy trail and steep curves kept us burning with energy. My conscious was quite clear on how to preserve my energy but since the recent rain that happened the night before was killing us.


Once we set our foot on the peak around 5:00 we found a spot to set the blanket down and decided to have some fun shooting. I put some effort on trying astrophotography but it didnt turn out right but gladly it was a experience that I can take a lesson and digest from. Since it was dark I turned on my fairy lights, from there we decided to grub on the food we prepared.



Something about sunrises and sunsets amuses me, I cant tell if its the color or the change of light but when it happens I like to absorb everything around me. The moment seamed so precious that I could only focus on the now. From the moment I look beyond the mountains I find the deep pleasure with the world around me and the people I meet. It sure is a moment that I can live in an algorithm with over and over again. I’m glad to always share my sunsets and sunrises with her, because there is no other way to show love than to share a personal experience with.

The burst of orange and blue is surely the essence of a sunset and its phenomenal on the transitioning of colors through the night.

Once the sun touched the mountains the color of golden hour appeared and seeped through the villages of La Trinidad. I think thats my favorite part of a sunrise, its like watching your favorite movie and knowing the scene that hits you deep with emotion. There are no words to complete the emotions I have living in this moment but its the experience that helps somebody understand the feeling of looking through the world in one’s eyes.

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