Quoted Cafe

It was my first time visiting “Quoted Cafe” last week with the usual cafe jumping. Something I realized throughout my whole entire journey through cafe jumping is that people go to cafes for 4 reasons:

-The ambience of the cafe seams pleasent with a theme.

-Food presentation looks good.

-Food taste good.

-Food is equal to the price.

I have only met a few that actually contain two or three of the criteria. But in my honest opinion Quoted Cafe has been oustandingly containing all the criteria. The ambience of the area is full of quotes you can read with a little shop for the book worms that are addicted for wisdom. The presentation of the food looks fancy with its little tid bits making the food look presentable. The food also taste good with its own extinct flavors. Finally the price is quite resonable for the proportions for the food that is served.

Quoted Cafe is a surprise and I’m recommending this place to everybody who visits Baguio!

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