Open shoot- Prototype Models

HMUA and Grooming | Tymber Coedno
Models of Prototype Model Management
Allison Smith
Jason Tyler Smith
John Macraeyon
Callum Al-gelani
Laiza Leyton
Designer | Lester Bulao

People usually ask why I always like to share my insights every time I have a shoot. The reason why I like to share my insights is because I enjoy looking at my progress through my creativity and document what I need to improve, adjust, create, etc. Another reason why I like to document my shoots is also to just inspire people on my work flow and see what they can grab and use for their own creative process.

This shoot was announced as an open shoot at the roller skating area around Burnham Park. One thing I disliked about open shoots is that everybody seams to be shooting the same criteria and simultaneously will have the same output. So once I arrived I know for a fact that I needed to differentiate myself. I grabbed one model and concentrated on having a solo output. I bounced out of the environment and went to Burnham Park with a group of friends who also didn’t enjoy shooting in a large crowd of other photographers. Once we arrived to the area we were desired to shoot at, we then made our ideas for live and streaming. Once we were done we went back to the area and repeated the same process.

This was basically how I enjoy shooting, to really have a one on one shoot with a model with less people in the photographer side. Overall my experience was pleasant until more photographers came shooting the same model with the same pose. As much as I love having co photographers by my side, I was more into having a stream of creativity within us without being limited to our environment.


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