The Boy who Lost his Flowers and Drowned in his own Ego.


“The addiction of the waves crashing between his feet amused him, he loved the texture of the ocean tasting his skin. Every where he went he would always bring his flowers to show them the glimmer across the ocean horizon. The flowers waved at him never understanding the paradox between the mysterious ending of the water and the boy who always looked forward. He loved the flowers always securing the fate of comfortability with them, his love grew so did his ego.”

A friend and I decided to make a personal project. We wanted to include an abstract story with a interpretational aspect of it. We symbolized the flower as love and the waves as his ego. We started off shooting at a beach in Thunderbird Resort, it was quite difficult and exhausting because the waves kept crashing constantly without us knowing where to start. So once we found the waves at low tide we decided to shoot on that time. Once we finished, we decided to hit the pool and try to create a dark vibe within our project this was quite hard because we couldn’t figure out if we should set realism within our environment. But overall it was quite an experience to go outside my own comfort zone because this is still a shoot I didnt expect to really accomplish but gladyly I did.

Photographer: Lance Lladones Oneil

Model: Elmo Christopher

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