Bomod-ok Falls, Sagada Mountain Province

It was 2:00 when we started our trip towards Bomod-ok falls in Sagda Mountain Province. As a mandatory precaution we had a tour guide with us to show the way.

We started at these stairs that are about 1 Kilometer away from a nearby village that we had to pass through in order to get to the falls. The stairs were quite steep and on our way we were introduced to grain fields and an ox deeply relaxed in mud.

As Alondra and I walked down my mind got clouded with curiosity and I asked the tour guide “Do people that have to get groceries in the village also climb these stairs?” She responded saying that everybody that has to get to the capital of the town had to walk up, she even notified that when women are in horrific labor and have to immediately get to the hospital they are required to walk up and when things take the wrong turn they give birth to their child on the stairs. I was astonished on how locals can survive walking up and When I found it difficult to even walk down, Crazy enough I even too my eyes at high school delinquents walk going up that made me input that they do not have a high school in the village. As we arrived to the village we decided to stock up in snacks and water for our next 1 kilometer walk. Once we were done gathering our supplies, we were excited to walk the next 1 kilometer to our next destination. This time the walk wasnt so bad because the falls were on the same level as the village.

As we were walking we got to a glimpse of the beautiful rice fields, the tour guide also informed us that the rice fields are more beautiful during winter because of rice being in season which created a more greener environment. Once we finally reached our destination we just sat and felt the breeze that the waterfall offered for us.

Sadly we didnt bring any swimming attire so we just came here for the experience of catching the insights of the waterfall. Our tour guide informed us that Bomod-ok falls is the biggest falls in Sagada and also that it was dangerous at this time to swim in it because of the large currents.

Overall it was a exhausting adventure but a lesson I always learned when exploring is that at the end of a jouney with many obstacles a surprising gift is always granted. (But dont get me started on the walk back)

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