The Way to a Great View- Marlboro Country

Woke up at 4:00 am to catch Marlboro Country’s sunrise in Sagada. We were introduced to a misty night with Alondra and I hiking up a mountain, it was quite cold and the majority of the trail was covered in mud from rain that previously stopped.


Greatly we had a mandatory tour guide to help us through our trails. Sadly we weren’t prepared because we expected to go up by car but sadly the car couldnt go up the mountain due to the mud that latched on to it wheels. We had basically our street clothes on and no water nor food. But gladly it was a hour walk up, to our destination.


Once we arrived, sadly enough we should’ve seen the sun rising around 5:30 but the misty cloud and fog was eating up the sun’s rays and our view. Greatly the tour guide advise us to stay until the clouds and fog move away. We stayed for another 30 minutes with me and Alondra waiting at a nearby table just watching Pewdiepie’s gamplays.


All of a sudden I lifted my head away from where we sat, and I saw the clouds greeting us with a view. I literally jumped out of my seat and told Alondra “look” with my fingers pointing towards the mountains I saw a far.


Thats when we decided to move out from the peak where we were and venture out to another peak to capture a view.


When we found vantage, I knew for sure I had to take out my camera and capture for what I saw was something that I found in only the souls in the mountains of Sagada. Alondra nearly cried glimmering at the view, it was that beautiful. I stood there for a 20 minutes to appreciate earth’s art. Once we were done admiring the view, we both went a little further down and I finally had the chance to take out the drone and capture what was in front of me.

Even though we didnt see the sunrise, the fluffy clouds and the rocky mountaints in front of us were surely worth the wait.

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