Ramen Nagi Baguio Opening

Its that time again where a new resteraunt branch opens in the city and people squander to have that feeling of the upcoming sensation in their taste buds. Ramen Nagi just opened in SM Baguio August 27, 2017 and I was happy to eat on the day they opened.

On entering the area, the ambience of the resteraunt was glimered with Japanese like tables. When sitting down my girlfriend and I confronted what was in front of us was a paper and pencil.


On this paper you get to select the type of ramen you want (each ramen had its own inspired like taste and ingredients), the price ranged around 300-400 pesos. After selecting you are given several options on what you want on your ramen like the richness of the taste, how the noodles should be cooked, and other options to make your experience of the ramen the way you want it.


Once done circling what you desire, a waiter or waitress comes and the order is taken place and the food is served in the next 10-20 minutes. Once we got what we ordered the presentation of it seams pretty nice.

What I ordered was known as the “Black King” and for my girlfriend she ordered the “Red King” each had its own taste and composition. In my honest opinion I enjoyed mine a lot because its exactly how I wanted mines to be.

By the end of our lunch I was happy to enjoy the opening of Ramen Nagi and also experience the good taste of what I ordered and the options that was given to us. I would recommend this place to any ramen enthusiast!

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