Deviated Retro

I got the chance to work and collaborate with Jessie Jeng Navarro of Vortex Models and Chixdelarosa. In this photoshoot we came up with a Retro theme for our models clothes in which we chose future diner for our location. One thing in mind that I sense is important to any photoshoot is always the location. If anything the ambiance of a environment is always important when declaring a theme type of shoot.

As I grow into photography something I opened my mind up more into “concepts and ideas over editing and stressing”. Something I struggled with has always been my ideas being point blank and I realize that my mind is particular on editing more than my external environment which actually kills more of my creative thought process. I’m not saying that editing is not important but I find myself during shoots thinking about what preset to use while my models are awkwardly posing. But This is also something I see photographers struggling, they put so much effort in their editing style that when they’re picture comes out its merely a stoic photo with no sense of creative direction and not so good composition.  I actually got to think externally in this shoot which is a blessing to actually wake up on.



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