My Journey with in Portrait Photography.

When I first started photography, I was only into the side of urban exploring and landscapes. As I continue that digital roadthrough different aspects, I started having deep attachment with portrait photography.

I once asked a model “What’s the difference between looking good and being a model?” What I got in response is what I highly agree with “People who just look good, just honestly LOOK good. But models are different, they are professional emotional portrayers. They know the poses, stances, and vibe they want to give out to promote that ambience a photographer or designer wants”. And this is honestly why I outstandingly love portrait photography. That deep emotion you can portray and the emotions that hit you back ¬†really gives off the art.


One thing I love doing in portrait photography is using my environment to my advantage. For example there was a knocked down tree in eco park. I decided to use that to give off this:

To shoot a model is just one thing but to also use the environment is also a creative way to give off the emotions you want to portray.

One aspect I highly believe I need to improve on is the art of story telling in a picture. I may understand emotions but to make a picture feel alive is something I need to work on and I hope to feed my creative hunger in portrait photography and continue improving.

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