Adventures to catch the sunrise

On this day I gathered up several friends to go hike up 2 mountains and explore an abandon school. We went through beautiful views, astonishing tones, and emptied halls to establish what we call an adventure.


So we started this at 8 o’clock on Sunday morning and our first destination was a mountain called Mount Kalugong in La Trinidad Benguet, Philippines.DSC02779.jpg

This mountain was nearly a 10-20 minute hike so it was not as bad. We were introduced with trees, cabins, and a cafe that we decided to go into since it was newly established.

This cafe is the usual with pastries, cakes, coffee, but my favorite will have to be the balcony view.

It was breathe taking honestly. To look at the whole entire city of La Trinidad was exciting to see with the tiny cars and tiny people you can see from far away.

Once we were done relaxing we decided to explore the mountain more.


The sign that I always enjoy looking at.

As we enjoyed the nature and climbed on rocks…


We finally hit the jackpot..

The view we’ve been searching for.


I love the view even though it was sunny and hot, I enjoyed every piece of it



After Mount Kalugong we decided to rest at a restaurant then head out to an abandon school that my friend Che found.

This place consisted of empty rooms filled with graffiti. People may call these type of places ugly but I find it beautiful. I usually never tell or show people places like these just because we like to keep things out of exposure just in case they gets renovated due to too much trespassing also another reason why is just because I want people to explore the unknown and take whiff of the unexpected findings.




After we left the building we’ve decided to catch the sunset on another mountain called Mount Yangbew (Mount Jumbo) with 2 boxes of pizza we got from pizza hut and 1 coke.

After reaching all the way to the top we decided to finally enjoy the view and also eat the pizza we’ve been waiting for.


We enjoyed it up there especially since it was our last trip of the day. Also since sun was about to set, we decided to take pictures, sleep, eat, listen to music and just enjoy the overall moment.


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