Hundred Islands Trip! (Alaminos, Pangasinan)

This is actually my first time coming here to Alaminos Pangasinan and what I can tell you is that its quite an amazing place!

When we arrived we were welcomed with a beach resort look type are but sadly we had to wait for a boat to come pick us up. It took a while because of the many tourist arriving.


When we officially got on a boat, we were allowed to choose what island to go on. Let me tell you one thing there are many islands to choose from and some were either meant to be the exploring type of island and others were like the relaxing beach resort type of island.

The first island was called “Quezon” Island and one thing I can tell you is that it wasnt the experience I was looking for because honestly it was too overcrowded, trash was laid everywhere, and there was literally no room to move.

The greatest fun for me was actually moving to and island called “Shell” Island mostly because it has fewer people, less trash, and places to explore. Also we got to find a lot of the creatures that roam around the place like starfishes, snails, and hermit crabs.

Overall if anybody is heading over there I do recommend exploring the secret places that hundred islands may keep.

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