Itogon Adventures

Well from exploring slightly from my last adventure in Itogon Benguet, I decided to explore a little more with my friends. Usually when we explore we really go to destinations we are curious about. In this case we go to a bridge, lake, and somewhat an unfinished dam.

After enjoying the bridge we decided to head up to our destination which is a lake we saw from when we took a taxi back home on our last adventure.

Walking there was honestly hella tiring because Itogon has somewhat a more humid aspect to it than Baguio. After a while we finally found the place and decided to shoot there for awhile.

What I like to emphasis on when it comes to taking pictures is the vibe or the essence of what my environment gives me for this I like to emphasize the beauty of nature and also the subject in this case would be my friend Sam.

This part is probably exciting because we found a path towards some construction of a dam that has an amazing view. For there on we decided to chill here more because of vibe we got.

These unexpected things comes best because the thrill of find something new is amazing.

(Pictures from Che Acain of Yin Dynasty)

By the way! I want to give a big recognition for one of my friends Che Acain for always  exploring with me and also for his amazing shots! Show him some love through his IG @yin.dynasty

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