Unexpected Adventures (Itogon)


Me and my friends usually have these unexpected adventures where we take a random jeepney towards a destination we haven’t been to. So in this adventure we head to Itogon Benguet.


We stopped near a resort but we decided to head to a canyon like area because we like going to places that our curiosity can wander. but as we head there we find this….

We found an abandoned swimming pool that seams to be breaking off the edge and seams to leave a little rubble of rocks that made a pathway towards a river.

So  when we went down to the river area we decided to skip on some rocks, find a good view, and made the place our play ground. By the way my good friends that came with are Jell (left), Geo (Middle), and Che (right) they’re quite open to new things and I’m glad I got to experience this with them.



Well you know what they say “Unexpected adventures are the best” and I would kindly agree because you may never know what you’ll find.

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