One of my biggest inspirations

What I can say is that one of my biggest inspiration is my mom when it comes to photography.301042_573695382646513_254718768_n

I wouldn’t say she is a photographer but more of somebody who enjoyed taking pictures just for the sake of it. But the pure essence of capturing the moment and then looking back at it had gave me that best nostalgic feeling that I always have an urge for.


In my early childhood my family was probably considered the low class because my mom was single taking care of 4 children. Even though she stressed so much for us to have a good childhood, she was able to capture something priceless.


If anything nostalgia is one of the best feelings for me. To feel so happy for what made those moments golden has given me a grateful sensation for what made me who I am in the present. Because of that feeling of nostalgia these have given off , it has inspire me to not make the past golden but to also make the present golden for focusing in the now will make a better future and one day in the far distant future I will look back to the picture I have taken now and smile at those priceless moments.


Thank you mom.

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