The American Lie

The American dream seems to be everybody’s goal in life. Having the latest new phone, car, shoe, and clothing is what everybody’s aim for to be happy. What if I told you that the American dream was a lie? With all the money in the world you can never be in the state of pure […]

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The Mask

I was once asked “How would you describe yourself?” Well in all my honestly describing yourself is quite vague. A philosophy professor once said “The hardest individual to judge is yourself” this statement sent me into a chain of self reflection and it came to a conclusion that it is quite hard because we all […]

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A waste of time.

I grew up testing myself in different crowds always trying to find out who I am as a person. Questions would always spit out of my head like; “Where am I suppose to go?” Or “Where do I belong to?” I remember putting myself in a group of friends back in high school who were […]

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What motivates me

Since I’m a student nurse and 90% of our time is taken up by our academics I’ve been asked “What motivates you to do the things you do?!”  All I can say is that what motivates me is my refusal to live everyday the same day. Quite cliched huh? Well it’s an answer I take […]

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